Before and after hangover foods

Before and after hangover foods

We are all aware of the problems that drinking a lot alcohol can cause, but sometimes all we need is to escape from reality and enjoy it by drinking, BUT drink wisely. It is very important to have food in the stomach while drinking because it results in a slow trickle of alcohol into the bloodstream as well. To ease the hangover effects, follow these advice:


Eating asparagus before you go out, or while you’re drinking, can help prevent or ease a hangover. The leaves and shoots of asparagus boosted levels of important enzymes that break down alcohol after heavy drinking. A researcher involved with the study says eating asparagus the next day can help tame hangovers, too.

Prickly Pear

This cactus fruit possesses mega anti-inflammatory agents that can help offset the damage done by drinking alcohol. You can eat prickly pear as a fruit  or drink prickly pear tea to help prevent a hangover.


Gatorade has long been the hangover-curing elixir of groggy, regretful athletes everywhere, and with good reason—it’s rich in the electrolytes you need to bring your body’s chemistry back into balance.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural electrolyte-boosting option, free of nasty ingredients like fake food dyes.


Eggs provide protein to help stabilize blood sugar, while the cystine in protein may help break down toxins, according to The Big Doctors Book of Home Remedies. Look for organic pastured eggs, meaning they come from hens raised on grass and supplemented with organic feed. This type of egg can quickly help replenish your body with B vitamins drained from drinking alcohol.


Ever feel physically weak after a night of drinking? You’re not imagining it—your muscles really pay the price when you overdo it. If you’re feeling a little shaky after a night of drinking, reach for a banana to help restore your body’s potassium levels and improve muscle function.

Crackers and Honey

Real honey is loaded with antioxidants and concentrated fructose, which will help flush out any remaining alcohol from your system more quickly. If you can’t stomach eating raw honey the day after drinking, use a cracker as the delivery system.


This South American grain is growing in popularity in the states, and it can also come in mighty handy during a hangover situation. Drinking depletes your body’s amino acids—the building blocks of protein—but quinoa’s well-balanced amino acid profile can help repair the damage done.

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