Cooking for your toddler? Some right equipment to use

Cooking for your toddler? Some right equipment to use

Cooking for your toddler is easy, efficient, and economical. You can not only save some money when cooking your babies food, but it is also healthy. Instead of spending money on prepackaged baby food, you can use fresh produce, grains, and meat. The do it yourself meal is a routine which you find not only convenient but a process which  can help your toddler getting used with vegetables, fruit from the early years of life. This introduction with food table should be not only pleasant to their eyes and tastes and healthy, but safe also. Yes safe in terms of everything regarding their health . In one of our articles with the title “Are your babies 6 months and up? These purees can be their ideal meal!” we advised some purees which of course to be cooked in the right way you will need the right equipment. Searching on different sites about how we should take care of our babies we gathered the best information regarding  equipment to use in each kind of food.

To grind or puree the food, you will need the specific tool. Some possibilities, all of which you can buy at stores or online:

  • A hand-turned food mill with different blades for various textures of food. This portable, non-electric gadget is the perfect tool in many occasions especially if you travel a lot with your kids. Put cooked food into mill and follow instructions included with mill Depending on what you are grinding, you may also need to add liquid to keep the mixture moist (i.e. water, cooking liquid, milk).


  • An all-in-one baby-food maker, a device that first steam-cooks and then purees fruit, vegetables, and meat for your baby when cooking for your toddler. Some models also defrost and reheat previously prepared food.


  • A baby food grinder, a very inexpensive and simple way to break down chunks of food for your baby, non-electric and portable, but you don’t have a choice of textures. Read the reviews online before ordering. The grinders don’t always work as well as they promise, but some parents swear by them.


  • A hand blender, a useful electric gadget that purees food like a blender does, but works in the opposite way: You place it into the food rather than vice versa.


  • A regular kitchen blender or food processor. You probably already have at least one of these at home. A blender or food processor might work well for you, though you might find it less than ideal for small jobs.


  • A good old-fashioned fork. This simple piece of kitchen equipment found in every kitchen does a great job with easily mashed foods such as sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas.


  • Masher and sieve It is low tech and can be found in most kitchens Best used for fruits and vegetables. Mash cooked foods with a fork or potato masher and then press food through the sieve/strainer with a spoon Mix to your desired consistency with liquid such as water, cooking liquid or milk.



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