Food Plating Techniques Available

Food Plating Techniques Available

Food plating is an important element not only to the eye, but to the stomach itself. You invite your guests and you are in front of a big dilemma: “How to decorate the dishes in a way that they will eat them not only with the mouth but even with the eyes.” A beautifully presented plate make your guest want to eat as soon as possible your “creation”. If you follow these aesthetic tips on how to decorate your dish, then you will be less stressed as a host, and proud of what you have created so far. We assure you, that you do not have to be a Picasso, but some basics of food plating are necessary to decorate the plate like a real restaurant chef.

1. Imagine the final look of the plate’s presentation
Cooking involves imagination, which means that you need to imagine the final picture of your dish, as a painter does in front of his canvas.

2. Start by draining the food from its sauce.
Whether it is the main element of your food plating  or a lining that accompanies it, think about draining the pieces of food on a cloth or paper towel so that the sauce does not flood the styled plate or spill into other foods.

3. Give the right shape to the food 

The easiest way to draw a pretty styled plate is to start the food plating by filling from the center of the plate, with the help of objects of desired shape, just like working on a scaled model.

4. Add color to enhance food plating
A pretty, styled plate is also a pretty picture, a composition in color. To add touches of color in your dish, just use herbs or peppercorns.

5. Pay attention to aesthetic details

The presentation details can make or break the beauty of a dish. You can use balsamic vinegar to decorate your plate or apply a few points of the sauce to complement your composition by using a small spoon. You can try to sprinkle some colored spices like paprika or curcuma on the white areas of the plate to create a balanced and colored look.

In the video with the title “Sexy food plating” you can find some restaurant plating techniques for home cooks. The lady in the video demonstrates how you can impress not only with your cooking skills, but even with food plating techniques that you can use to present your dish. Follow her instructions from the plate shape selection, to what and the way how to place on the plate sauce, meat, vegetables etc.


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