Interested in organic nutrition? Pay more attention to…

Interested in organic nutrition? Pay more attention to…

It is a pleasure to prepare fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables full of vital substances ready for use in a chosen recipe. Anyone interested in organic nutrition will want to pay particular attention to the preparation and put a little more effort into it. As the skin contains a lot of goodness, fruit and vegetables should only be peeled very thinly, if at all. Attractively presented raw products appeal to the eye and whet the appetite:

Brushing: Yes, of course if you are interested in organic nutrition, you should just brush the skin quickly under running cold water to get rid of earth and other dirt.

Ball cutting: Attractive fruit and vegetables balls ca be cut using a ball scoop.

Chopping: Herbs  and onions can be copped with a herb or chopping knife using a see saw action.

Grating: Potatoes, carrots, celeriac, or apples can be prepared with a grater.

Peeling: The skin can be removed evenly, thinly, and quickly with a thin-cutting peeler.

Cutting: The fluted knife gives the fruit or vegetable slices an attractive crinkled surface.

Dicing: The fruit or vegetable is cut lengthwise and then crosswise to produce cubes.

Crushing: Garlic can be crushed using a broad knife blade. Spices can be crushed and mixed using a pestle and mortar.

Slicing: Cucumbers can be sliced thinly by sliding them back and forth over the slicer blade.

And let’s pay more attention to trimming, if we think that organic nutrition is essential to our healthy lifestyle. Vegetables and fruit can be cut into decorative shapes using different kinds of paring knives:

  • sharp-pointed fruit carving knife
  • long bladed carving knife
  • Melon scoop




Make a shallow slice to cut off the stem end.




Make cuts down the side of the melon to divide it into 12 uniform sections. Cut under these sections to make the outer ring of 12 petals. These should be about one quarter of a centimeter thick.




Divide the melon into 12 sections centered between the petals of the outer ring to make a second and then a third ring of petals.




Next, remove the seeds and membrane at the center. Notch the borders of the petals attractively, starting with the middle ring and then moving to the inner ring.





Notch the borders of the petals of the outer ring more deeply and cut a shallow groove in each. Now it is ready if you want to serve some nice healthy fruit to your children, yourself, or guests!


 Organic nutrition served in a healthy fruit bowl with melon balls inside it!

Organic nutrition served in a healthy fruit bowl with melon balls inside it!


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