Italian antipasto? Tips to follow for the perfect one

Italian antipasto? Tips to follow for the perfect one

Imagine you have in front of you all the flavor in one plate. From cured meat, marinated vegetables, aromantic cheeses, seafruits and much more. You can find them all in Italian antipasto.

Sometimes we hesitate to prepare something to eat when we are exhausted from work or even too lazy to think in front of refrigerator. Well, with some fantasy and some tricks we can manage to have a wonderful meal with lot of variations.

Let’s begin with ingredients to make the antipasto. You should take in consideration some quality cured meats such as prosciutto crudo, coppa, mortadella, culatello or pancetta. Of course the pork is the king in this area! Thin slices of delicate meat look perfect on a plate. Also they are colorful and tasty. To make it more complete you can add some pickels such as gherkins, red paprika pickles filled with cheese or even a more exotic vegetable such as okra. Put them in a bowl at the middle of plate and pour olive oil to intensify the flavor. You can add mushrooms, olives, dried tomatos, silver onions, artichokes and much more. To give a good impression you can put grilled courgete and eggplant marinated garlic, olive oil and pasley. I would prefer to put two or three flowers of broccoli and cauliflower in order to make it nicer.


An antipasto could not be completed without cheese. There are a great variety you can choose because the market is full of delicious cheeses from around the world. I am going to mention some cheeses that suits most in this dish. Soft cheeses like goat cheese, brie or mozzarella goes well. Also provolone, pecorino, gorgonzola, parmiggiano, manchengo … I can go for hours like this… If you can make big slices as in case of provolone, you can fold them to look more appealing. To give an earthy taste you can add roasted nuts as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or pine nuts. According to the season you can choose a variety of fruits as figs, melon, pears or you can go a little bit crazy with fresh berries and pineapple. Further, placing some dips can boost you performance and bring it to another level. In small bowls pour pesto, guacamole, tzaziki, bean dips and they will give to your dish a touch of freshness.

But beside this there are antipastos that can be made of seafruits, shrimps, lobster, anchovy, octopus, mussel, squids and many other ingredients. Usually they are frozen and takes a little bit to prepare them but is totally worthed watch them and ready to taste them.


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