Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets

Being busy and the fact that our lives are intense and full of stress, saving time and enjoying doing chores is our main issue. But how? One of ways is by using culinary gadgets which will make tasks like sliding vegetables and dicing tomatoes seem effortless and not only…
Not only they make food preparation easier and faster, but as well these gadgets are appealing to the eyes and an adding value to your modern kitchen.

1. Mini Wall-Mounted Stoves

Do you live alone and don’t cook in regular basis? Then this stove is the perfect choice. This Paseco S.I.A.M Induction Cooker uses space practical and isideal for limited-space living.

wall mounted stove

2. PriO Sustainable Juicer

Are there any housewives who don’t dream of gadgets which clean themselves and are waste-free? Those who owns these gadgets are so lucky, they can even cups creates, just push the right button and voila!

sustainable juicer

3. Stainless-steel finger Guard

Slip it onto the middle finger and the wide stainless steel plate would protect your fingers while you chop the ingredients for your next masterpiece. An action you can perform with this stainless steel finger guard because we know that true success in the kitchen depends on speed and comfort.

finger guard


4. Chef’n Pocket Machine Mini Maker

This cool mini pocket maker will help you look like a professional chef, while you put pasta dough into the tool and some stuffing and close it. Created to satisfy both cook and guests.

machine mini maker

5. Umbra iSpoon by Jordan Murphy

We live in an age when people use smart phones more than a cook-book and this clever gadget is perfect for our dirty hands when we are cooking something.


6. The fat magnet

It isn’t a magic tool just to impress, it’s designed to help people keep healthy. It claims to remove calories, fat and cholesterol from the top of your favorite foods with minimal effort.

the fat magnet

7. NoteClips From Joseph Joseph

Keep notes about food preparation by writing on these clips and then clip them on the bags with food or rigProfileht on the fridge door with reminder notes. You can write on them and then erase.



8. Heat n’Eat Popcorn Maker

It’s a quick solution that of buying popcorn, but why not prepare healthy popcorn at home? Use this wonderful popcorn maker and then watch movies with your friends and enjoy it with a bowl of tasty popcorn.

popcorn maker

9. Yolkfish Egg Separator

It’s funny to use but really helpful when it comes in cooking a recipe where you need to separate yolk out from an egg with ease.

Egg separator

10. Volkswagen Slug Bug Toaster

Volkswagen van the favourite vehicle for hippies comes as a toaster to satisfy hipsters but not only. It has a historical background and it is helpful in the kitchen.

volkswagen toaster


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