Libori and German food

Libori and German food

Are you already in Germany? Then you should have some information regarding current festivals in Germany and one of the most interesting which lasts for one week is in Paderborn. Paderborn’s Libori Festival is the ultimate cultural experience- a colourful mixture of concerts, bands, church music, exhibitions and shows which takes place annually in the last week of July in honour of St. Liborius, Paderborn’s patron saint. Attendance usually exceeds one million as visitors celebrate with the city’s population- often well into the night. What about German food? You can find German specialities served in the street stands in Libori festive area of Paderborn.

German food is rich, substantial and delicious, with each region having its own speciality dishes and traditional cuisine.

The below mentioned food you can find in the Libori festival, to make you leave Germany with the best impression possible.


Apfelstrudel, apple strudel is a delicious pastry filled with apples flavoured with sugar, cinnamon, raisins and breadcrumbs – and has been popular since the 18th century.  It’s served warm in slices sprinkled with powdered or icing sugar.


These are shallow pan-fried pancakes made from grated or ground potatoes mixed with flour, egg, onion and seasoning. You can enjoy them  either salty as a side dish to a main course of meat or fish, or sweet with apple sauce, blueberries, sugar and cinnamon.

Rote grutze

This red fruit pudding is a popular dessert in the North. It’s made from black and red currants, raspberries and sometimes strawberries or cherries, which are cooked in their juice and thickened with a little cornstarch or cornflour. It’s served with cream, vanilla sauce or milk.


Brezel are soft, white pretzels, made from flour water and yeast and sprinkled with salt and sometimes different seeds, and great to eat as a side dish or snack  or with a beer. They’re in every bakery and on street stands, sold plain, sliced and buttered (butterbrezel) or with slices of cold meats or cheese.


A schnitzel is a thin, boneless cutlet of meat, which is coated in breadcrumbs and often served with a slice of lemon. You can choose a Wiener Schnitzel, pork. If you order a Hamburg-style schnitzel, it will arrive with a fried egg on top; while a Holsten-style schnitzel will come with an egg, anchovies and capers.


There are more than 1500 different types of wurst (sausage) made in Germany and you’ll find street stalls selling them everywhere. The most popular include bratwurst (fried sausage) made of ground pork and spices, Wiener (Viennese), which is smoked and then boiled, and blutwurst and schwarzwurst, which are both blood sausages.

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