Miracle of lemon & garlic mixture

Miracle of lemon & garlic mixture

If we mention the mixture between lemon and garlic, we will all think about adding flavor to fish or chicken. It is a perfect mixture without doubt, but the most impressive outcome is in the result it gives when consuming it. If there is someone who has problems with heart, recommend lemon & garlic mixture, it can save lives.

It’s appropriate for:

Regulation of increased blood fat levels.

Prevention and treatment of congestion of the arteries.

Prevention and treatment of infections and colds.

Natural immune system enhancement.

Natural liver-cleansing. Prevention of fatigue.

Prevention of free radicals in the body that cause the most serious diseases.

There are three different methods of preparing it, you can use the one which is more convenient to you, the result is the same.

Method No 1


  • Lemon juice 1 cup
  • Ginger juice 1cup
  • Garlic juice 1 cup
  • Apple vinegar 1 cup


  1. Mix all and boil for half hour, or until balance of 3 cups.
  2. Let it cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey.
  3. Transfer to glass bottle and keep in fridge.
  4. Every morning, before breakfast, take one tablespoon.

Method No 2


  • 6 peeled lemons, cut into small pieces.
  • 30 cloves garlic, chopped to small pieces.


  1. Put in food processor or blender, all the ingredients mentioned above, top up with adequate water, and blend.
  2. Pour into pot and add 2 liters of water.
  3. Bring to boil and simmer for another five minutes.
  4. When cooled, sieve the liquid and transfer into glass bottle.
  5. Discard the residue.
  6. Store in fridge.


How to consume it?

1. First Dosage: Drink 50 ml each day for three weeks.

2. Then stop for one week.

3. Second Dosage: Drink 50 ml each day for the next three weeks.

You may repeat this treatment every 6 months.

Method No 3

Place 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic in food processor . Top it up with water and pour into a metal pot. Then repeat the process with the other 3 lemons and 15 cloves of garlic. Finally was the vitamiser out with another liter of water and pour this also into the pot.

Bring the pot to boil, and then simmer for five minutes. Pour through a strainer, and let liquid drain into another pot. Finally when all the liquid has drained into the pot, leave it for some time to cool.

When it has cooled use a strainer and funnel to pour into bottles.

Note: give the mixture time to drain through the strainer. And do not keep the slurry from the strainer. Simply throw it away.

You should finish up with (About 3 to 4 Litre Bottles Quantity). Store in fridge, use only glass bottles to keep the mixture in.

First Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for three weeks.

Then stop for one week

Second Dosage: Drink 1 standard glass each day for the final three weeks.

Repeat above every twelve months, or whenever you feel like it as long as you allow some time between treatments.

You can also warm the liquid if preferred, or even dilute it with water and ice for a refreshing summer drink. The lemons kill the smell of garlic on your breath. The secret of the mixture is it’s easy to prepare, and inexpensive to make up.

Article source: Complete Health and Happiness

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