Pear body shape? The diet for you

Pear body shape? The diet for you

Plagued by a thick middle, padded hips or a large behind? If you see that your lower body is larger than your upper body then we can say for sure that you have a pear body shape. Which means that you have stored fat on the hips, thighs, and butt. The biggest challenge for this body type? Losing weight. Thanks to science, you can sculpt a slimmer silhouette with a shape-specific diet and exercise program. In this article you can read something more about the pear diet and a pear plan menu.

When it comes to pear body shape health, they are lucky. Passive fat may actually help reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes, some scientists say. This fat that appears just below your skin is actually healthier than belly fat; unfortunately, it is also harder to get rid of. Subcutaneous fat is associated with healthy cholesterol levels and fewer heart attacks, but it also has less blood flow and holds onto calories, which makes it tough to burn off.

The Pear Diet

The best way for pears to lose inches is to watch their fat intake.  “It’s really easy for your body to store the fat that you’ve eaten, but it takes a lot more energy to store carbs and protein. Because of this, you’re more likely to burn those calories off. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain cereals, lentils and beans; lean protein, such as chicken or fish; and fruits and veggies will help melt off excess pounds.

Another way to slim hips and thighs: exercise. Focus on aerobic activities like running and biking that work your lower body and torch calories.

Pear Meal Plan

1,500 calories: 750 calories from carbohydrates, 375 calories from fat, 375 calories from protein

Help yourself by eating these foods for breakfast
1 packet instant oatmeal
1 medium banana
1/2 cup orange juice

Hungry in between meals? Try these delicious snack appetizers:
6 wheat crackers
1 mozzarella cheese stick

For a pear body shape eat these lunch favorites:
Sandwich: 2 slices whole wheat bread with 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise, 2 ounces lean deli roast beef, 1 slice reduced-fat cheese, lettuce and tomato
5 baby carrots
10 celery sticks
1/2 cup grapes

1 cup light yogurt
1 small apple

4 ounces skinless, boneless chicken breast, grilled and topped with a salsa made of 1/2 cup black beans and 1/4 cup diced tomatoes
1 cup steamed green beans
1 cup mixed green salad and 2 tablespoons shredded low-fat cheese tossed with 1 tablespoon low-fat dressing
1 whole wheat roll

1 sugar-free chocolate pudding cup



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