Sausages can be a healthy treat

Sausages can be a healthy treat

If you think that sausages should be completely banned from your diet or that of your child, you are wrong. Yes, there is a growing skepticism towards mass produced sausages. This is because of animal epidemics, intensive farming, and the objectional methods of abattoirs. At the end of the day, the consumer never knows exactly what is in the sausages they buy. Anything that the consumer would prefer not to see disappears in the grinding machine.

This includes all the parts of the animal that cannot be sold as a complete piece in slices, then all the additives, low quality eggs, gelatine, blood plasma, then finally, quite apart from salt, and spices, a whole mass of other additives, reddening agent like pickling salt or salt peter, preservative and softening agent, flavor enhancer, and phosphate. Hardly any butchers make their own sausages.

Organic sausages have to be made from mat that comes from humanely reared healthy animals that are fed on organically produced fodder and have not been treated with antibiotics, hormones, or other medicines.

A further advantage is that organic sausage does not contain pickling salt or any chemical colorings, preservatives or other additives. This applies to all types of sausage:

Raw sausage

like Mettwrust, and salami made from raw meat, that are preserved by drying or smoking the meat. Salami includes spreadable sausages like Mettwrust, and Teewurst.

Stewing sausages

Once made, these sausages are cooked in boiling water. They do not keep for long. Types of stewing sausage are Fleischwrust, Flischkase, Lyoner and also includes Blockwrust, Frankfurters, Weiners, Strasbourger, frying sausages, meat pâtés and Mortadella.

Boiling sausages

Boiling sausages are liver sausage and black pudding. These are made from precooked meat and are cooked again when the sausage has been put together. This includes aspic and corned beef.

Do you want to try cooking Mettwrust? The ingredients that you need to prepare it are: 500 g more lean than fatty pork; 12 g coarse salt; 1.5 g black pepper; 1.5 g glucose (optional); pinch dried garlic; 1/4 tsp mustard seeds.

Start the preparation of Mettwrust, by mixing all the ingredients together well and grind finely. Knead the mixture for 5 minutes. Stuff the mixture into natural skins,natrine skins, or silk skins.

Thin sausages need 7 days at lukewarm room temperature to dry properly, while thicker sausages may need up to 14 days. The room should be lukewarm as too much heat in the first three days of drying can lead to fermentation. After this the sausage can be smoked twice, or simply eaten as it is: air dried sausage.

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