Smart in cooking

Smart in cooking

Are you looking for the ultimate kitchen appliances in your house? Are they smart? I mean smart enough to make the nowadays stressful life easier and more comfortable? Smart enough that will challenge you?  You’ll get notified about everything missing or going wrong in the kitchen.We have selected some kitchen appliances, some already in the market and some are to come very soon.


Is that egg still good? You don’t want to find out the hard way. The Egg Minder can keep you apprised of how old your eggs are, and even tracks the number you have remaining.  Using a complementary mobile app, Egg Minder will send you a push notification when it’s time to replenish that egg supply.


 So if you want to cook the “Eggs Ole” or “the Mini Burrito”, this smart appliance will absolutely give you a hand.

Prep Pad scale

Don’t worry about the calories, or nutritional values you will get from the food you consume. Consult with Prep Pad, which takes the digital food scale to a whole new level. Part smart scale, part nutritional guide, part dietitian, the Prep Pad allows you to not only measure your food, but also determine the nutritional content of everything you place on top.

Using an iPad app (iPhone app in the works), you specify what item you are weighing (manually or with a barcode) and it displays helpful dietary information including calories, protein, fats and carbs.



Don’t complain that you cannot cook because you are a mum in career. With this smart-enabled Slow Cooker and your smartphone, you can turn on your chicken chili from anywhere, as well as adjust the temperature, alter cooking time and even get reminders so you’ll never be stuck with raw chicken again.



GE Brillion

Speaking of cooking from afar, the GE Brillion app works with several GE Profile wall ovens to enable remote turn-on, preheating while you’re driving home, temperature changes and checking meat probe settings. The app will also alert you when your gorgeous pot roast is done.

With this kind of appliance you can put the pumpkin pie you have prepared for your kids in oven and go to work. Of course you don’t have to worry if you have owned this magical-smart appliance app.


Interactive cooktop

While this was just a concept on display at CES 2014, this amazing interactive cook-top really wowed the crowd. Not only can you cook on it, you can also access recipes, your social media accounts and email. Computing and cooking in one, so reading the recipes in our website and meanwhile cooking them is an amazing glimpse into what’s to come.


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