Teenagers at home?

Teenagers at home?

Teenagers at home? Is it becoming a stress feeding them? A growing teenager can eat a lot of food, and in case you have a smallish teen, a picky eater, you need to work hard in finding what likes him and if it is nutrient enough. But don’t worry, in both cases they can eat these healthy snacks, and meanwhile can meet nutrient gap from the day. Sometimes all the day goes by without consuming any protein and in this case a snack higher in protein is suggested. What else can we suggest about feeding them in a healthy way? Some suggestions below.

Some favorite healthy snacks for teenagers include:

Hard Boiled Eggs plus an apple

Whether your teen is looking to gain muscle or lose weight, this perfectly packaged protein can be the answer. Add the apple for energy and fiber.

String cheese plus a handful of almonds.

Calcium is vital for this age group as they are still in the bone growth phase of their life.   The almonds are a filling compliment to add some good fat, magnesium and fiber.

Soft pretzels and hummus.

They are perfect for teenagers. If they eat some pretzels and hummus after coming from school, probably they will not feel hungry until  for dinner.

Peanut butter and an apple

The ultimate snack with perfect portions of fat, carbs, and protein! Change up the peanut butter by grinding up other nuts like almonds or cashews. We love apples and nut butters!

Low fat yogurt with berries and cottage cheese

Another calcium power house!  Exchange the low fat yogurt for some Greek yogurt and the protein literally doubles. Adding the berries gives a great flavor while also getting in some vital antioxidants.

Popcorn mixed with nuts and dried fruit

This filling snack may be light on protein, but the good fat and energy it will bring makes it a great pre-exercise snack.

Whole wheat English muffin with pizza sauce, veggies, and mozzarella cheese

While these taste best baked and toasty, my teenager just puts it in the microwave to warm it up. Whatever makes him happy.

Baked corn chips with bean dip

Bean dip that has black eyed peas, avocado, and tomatoes is the perfect snack for your lovely teenagers.  It is so delicious that they can eat it  spoonful, but it would be perfect if you dip there some pita crisps.


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