Travelling with your kids? Trip tips

Travelling with your kids? Trip tips

Are you planning to go on holidays and your kids are making you thinking twice of such an experience? If you think that travelling with your babies, toddlers or preschoolers could be a stressful and exhausting experience, you are wrong. All you need is a good plan. Little travelers need a surprising amount of stuff, but if you prepare a checklist of items then you can make the traveling easier. Check that all these items are in your bag:

  • Diapers
  • Pad to put your baby during diaper changes,
  • Blankets, plastic bags, diaper rush cream,
  • wipes,
  • small bottles of disinfecting hand gel,
  • baby wash,
  • and baby lotion,
  • tissues,
  • a few of his favorite toys,
  • clothes, socks, and booties or shoes,
  • washable bibs,
  • sun hat,
  • feeding set and baby food,
  • formula,
  • water and juice if appropriate,
  • nightlight,
  • first-aid kit

But among them, it is very important to check that you have  all the necessary foods for your toddlers, preschooler or older children.

Let’s divide the foods you will take in three main meals:


Hard boiled eggs, homemade muffins, yogurt, apple slices.


Bagel sandwiches, string cheese, pretzels, carrots.


Trail mix, oranges, dried fruit

Hard-boiled eggs make a quick snack. Adding hard-boiled eggs to your diet adds good fats to your body to keep your heart healthy. Hard-boiled eggs also pack important vitamins to help protect your eyes and keep your bones strong.

Pre-sliced bagged apples  As with bringing whole apples, the bagged variety never got bumped around and bruised, they were easy to eat, and left no core behind!

Baby carrots with long car drives, the boredom and mindless eating sets in, and baby carrots are the perfect cure.

Bagel Sandwiches The bread on the road, bread gets squashed, limp, stale, whatever.  So it is better to buy some pretty hardy whole wheat bagels, some deli meat, lettuce and provolone cheese.  The bagels hold up well.

String cheese Nice little source of protein, a little calcium.. and kind of a treat to my kids.

Pretzels While pretzels aren’t that special, and completely devoid of nutrients, they do make a clean snack, and after all.. we like clean snacks when it comes to road trips.

Dried fruit Remember when you only used to be able to buy raisins in little boxes?  Now you can buy anything.. dried apricots, dried raisins, dried apples. are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. They are sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, vitamins E and niacin.

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